Tasha Two Elks and Paul


“Tasha Two Elks and Paul,” oil on wood panel, 36″x48″, 2018, part of the “Street Family Memorials” series.

I met Paul and Tasha on Christmas Eve 2017 and took the photo on which this was based at that moment. My mother and I have a tradition of gifting each other sleeping bags, which I take to someone unsheltered. I asked them before I went home and Tasha took it. Paul had a place to go. Paul took care of Tasha however he could. He’d stop at the house every now and then for something for her. He died months later, from a vehicle vs. bicycle accident. Tasha missed him so much. Tasha was also an artist who painted and crafted art from items she found. Every now and then as well after Paul was gone. She stopped coming to the house and I wonder what happened with her often.


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