Breonna Taylor- Say Her Name Prints to support non-profits

“Breonna Taylor- Say Her Name,” 24″x30″, oil on canvas, 2020


“Breonna Taylor- Say Her Name,” was a painting I did in June to honor her memory.

I am selling prints of the painting to support the racial justice work being done in Louisville, my hometown of Fresno, and nationally. People can choose the organization/ fund.

Louisville Community Bail Fund
BLM Louisville
-Reparations Table:
Eviction Fund
Reparations for Louisville
General (national) reparation fund

I am also partnering with the Fresno State NAACP, who directs funds in the Fresno area where it is most needed:
Fresno State NAACP

These A4 (8.25″x11.25″) canvas sheet giclee prints are being sold for a donation of at least $25.

The prints can be purchased on ETSY here




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