About The Artist

I am a Central Valley artist. My primary art form is assemblage with a focus on tactile engagement. My work explores the nature of the connections that make up the human experience and the deep desire to restore broken connections. Other art forms include installation, photography, printmaking, drawing, and painting. Currently, I have been focusing on portraiture in a social justice context.

Following undergraduate studies,  I moved back to Dinuba, California, because of the sense of community there and a desire to pursue the vocation of artist within the larger community of the Central Valley. The past twenty years have afforded me the opportunity not only to make and show art in this context, but also to work with artists in new and developing art councils and communities, assist in the creation of art spaces, and teach art and creative expression in community venues and in my employment.

I received her B.S. in Studio Art with an emphasis on Drawing and Painting at Biola University in 2000 and plan to pursue a M.A. in Studio Art at California State University, Fresno Fall 2021.

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